Coomeetpay - Payment Processor

The most commonly asked questions

Question: Why do I have Comewel LTD specified as a payment recipient in my bank statement, although I made a payment to another site/company?

Answer: Comewel LTD is an authorized payment processor. That’s why in your bank statement you won’t see the name of a website or company you have made the payment on but the name of the company, which explicitly processes the payments.

Question: I’d like to apply for refund, cancel the subscription or report an unauthorized transaction. Can you help me with these issues?

Answer: Sure we can. Our Customer Support was designed specifically for solving such issues. Please fill out the form and describe your problem in detail.

Question: Why should I fill out a form and specify my card details and e-mail address?

Answer: Your card information is required to find your payment, cancel your subscription, or make a refund. Providing last six (6) digits of your card number will be enough. We also need your email address in order to inform you about the status of your inquiry or request additional information we may need to solve the problem.

Question: How long will it take to process my inquiry?

Answer: Inquiries are processed within 24h.

Question: How do I know that my inquiry was received successfully?

Answer: We will use the email address specified in your inquiry to send you a confirmation email containing your inquiry number.

Question: I didn’t receive a confirmation email with my inquiry number. What should I do now?

Answer: In case you didn’t receive an email with your inquiry number, please make sure that the specified email address is correct and check your “Spam” folder as well. If your email address is correct and you didn’t find our email in your “Spam” folder, please contact us at [email protected]